COVID 19 Vaccine in Nigeria – Application Website and Portal

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COVID 19 Vaccine in Nigeria – Application Website and Portal 

The COVID 19 pandemic started towards the ending of 2019. COVID 19 stands for Corona Virus Disease 2019.

This disease has put the world under restrictions as one is not free to go anywhere he or she feels like going.

In 2020, there was a global lockdown and travelling and other frivolities came to a pause for sometimes.

When discoveries had it that the disease is not going but increasing on daily basis, people ventured out to do their different businesses.

The COVID 19 disease crippled the world’s economy as the first world nations had the highest amount of this disease.

Importation of various resources also paused and there was and still is a great loss of many lives.

Due to this disease, the world is in a state of agony as many lives are no more.

The United Nations in cooperation with the World Health Organisation has created a vaccine to prevent this pandemic.

This vaccine has been in circulation for quite some times now and many have taken it. On the 1st of March 2021, this vaccine was imported into Nigeria.

Nigerian leaders have already begun taking this vaccine. Presently, the COVID 19 Vaccine in Nigeria is spreading throughout all states.

This COVID 19 Vaccine in Nigeria has a website that people can apply for it from there. There is a registration process you will also go through.

This post contains details about the COVID 19 Vaccine in Nigeria, how to apply through their website and also other details about it.

Read down to know more about the registration details of this vaccine and all facts about this vaccine.

COVID 19 Vaccine in Nigeria

COVID 19 Vaccine in Nigeria

COVID 19 Vaccine Application Website and Portal

The COVID 19 pandemic in Nigeria is growing rapidly. The federal government has sought a means to put an end to it but has found none.

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Many have died of which includes prominent men in Nigeria. Of recent, the United Nations in cooperation with the World Health Organisation has launched the circulation of the COVID 19 vaccine.

As of 1st March 2021, the COVID 19 Vaccine was imported into Nigeria. Not less than 3.92 million doses were imported.

Nigeria has a total of not less than 156,000 confirmed cases and has recorded 1,907 deaths. This has put the federal government in a confused state.

Now, the vaccine for the prevention of this pandemic has arrived and some of the country’s leaders have already taken it.

The vaccine is pointed to be taken by the health workers and also those doing public services such as the police, customs officers and the rest of them before other citizens.

This vaccine is presently in Nigeria and the National Primary Health Care Development Agency has designed a website that can be used to register to get this vaccine.

The vaccine is free as it was given free to various countries of which this country is among. If you want to get this vaccine, you can now register for it from wherever you are staying.

This website is open to all and registration is very easy to process at the website/portal. This website is also a means to stop the spread of the pandemic.

It is to ensure that people keep social distancing while taking the COVID 19 Vaccine in Nigeria. The portal for this purpose is the official NPHCDA’s portal.

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How to Register for the COVID 19 Vaccine in Nigeria

The National Primary Health Care Development Agency has designed a website that is to aid the easy receiving of the COVID 19 Vaccine in Nigeria.

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Nigerian leaders have already begun taking this vaccine and it will soon spread to everyone present in Nigeria.

The guidelines on how to register for this vaccine is not a difficult one as the registration process is a pretty easy one.

The following guidelines will help you to easily register for the COVID 19 Vaccine in Nigeria;

  • With a device with a working internet connection, visit the NPHCDA’s registration portal to begin the registration process
  • Fill in all the necessary basic information in the vaccine form of which includes;
  1. Full name
  2. Phone number
  • Email address
  1. Date of birth
  2. Sex
  3. ID form
  • Residential address
  • LGA of residence
  1. Ward of residence
  • Select any vaccination date of your choice and also the time comfortable for you
  • Upload a clear passport photograph of yours
  • There is a section for those working in the health sector or with intense medical conditions or allergies. If you fall into any of these categories endeavour to indicate.
  • Type in a code to complete the registration process. This is the final stage of the registration process.
  • You will receive a message that your registration process is complete
  • You will also receive a vaccination ID after registration.
  • The message you will receive will be as follows; “Registration Completed! Your Vaccination ID is:

Your data is successfully received.

  • Take your time to fill the form to avoid making mistakes. Fill it and be among those getting the COVID 19 Vaccine in Nigeria.
  • Also, you will receive other instructions.

T.E.A.C.H Strategy

The National Primary Health Care Development Agency has developed a 5-point strategy for the implementation of the COVID 19 Vaccine in Nigeria.

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This strategy is known as the T.E.A.C.H strategy. The T.E.A.C.H is an acronym for the description of this 5-point strategy.

This strategy is very important as far as the CIVID 19 vaccine is concerned. The strategy is to make sure that the COVID 19 vaccine reaches every part of the country.

This strategy is to bring the COVID 19 to the doorstep of all Nigerian citizens starting from the leaders to the common man.

The strategy is already working and is helping in the circulation of the COVID 19 Vaccine in Nigeria. Due to this strategy, the portal for the registration for the vaccine is available to serve the purpose.

Now, people can start from wherever they find themselves to register for the COVID 19 Vaccine in Nigeria.

This strategy is also to stop the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic as it helps to promote social distancing.

The full meaning for the T.E.A.C.H acronym is below;

“T: Traditional Vaccination Campaign Approach;

E: Electronic Self-Registration by Eligible Nigerians;

A: Assisted Electronic Registration of Eligible Nigerians;

C: Concomitant Vaccination alongside Electronic Registration

H: House-to-House Electronic Registration”

This post contains various detailed information on the COVID 19 Vaccine in Nigeria. The steps to register on the website for this vaccine are also in this post.

Share it with others and let them know that they can easily get the vaccine from wherever they are.

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