Chiwetalu Agu Biography- Nollywood Actor Biography

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Chiwetalu  Agu Biography- Nollywood Actors

As we all know, the Nigerian movie industry is very large with more than 1000 actors/actresses giving us more than the content we want.

The Nigerian movie industry knows the worldwide as Nollywood indeed has indeed imparted on its viewers positively and educational.

Chiwetalu Agu Biography

Chiwetalu Agu Biography

Even if you watch a comedy movie in Nigeria, you will still have a moral lesson to learn from the movie.

The Nigerian industry has groom more other industries of the world as almost everyone has participated in Nigerian movies even myself not exempted.

Chiwetalu Agu Biography

Chiwetalu has imparted in the lives of many people including me, I have benefited from watching his movie and indeed I have a lot of stories to tell from the exposure to his movie.

Chiwetalu  Agu is a successful Nigerian actor popularly known for his comedies. His comedies are enough to wake the dead to live, I might have exaggerated a bit but those who know him can tell more about him in the aspect of comedy.

His comedies can actually be the best medication for depression so if you have not yet watched his movie; you better start doing so you would really understand what I am trying to say.

Chiwetalu was burned on the 27th of October 1956 in Amokwe, Udi town, Enugu state, Nigeria.

Chuwetalu attained the saint Luke nursery school located in Ogui Nike and proceeded to” college of immaculate conception ” CIC located in Enugu state. After his secondary school education, he proceeded by travelling out of the country to pursue his university education at the Wisent College located in West Germany.

Movies acted by Chiwetalu

Chuwetalu as we know has acted in over 200 Nigerian movies and is still acting despite his age. His latest popular nollywood movie is the Ghost and the tout 2

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His funny role in the Nollywood industry is a legacy that he has laid giving us more content than just a movie.

If you do not know Chiwetalu and how he acts in his movie, then this post on Chiwetalu Agu Biography guides you so you will not mistake him for the role he acts as he gives his all to whatever he does.

Here are some movies you should try out

  • Issakaba
  • Agaba
  • The lost okoroshi
  • Reggae boys
  • The ghost and the tout
  • Double mama
  • Police recruit
  • Vuga
  • Across the niger
  • Goat lover
  • Cat and rat
  • 21 days with Christ
  • Bloody ring
  • The cleanser
  • Ordinary fellows
  • Cry of a witch
  • The blood brothers 2
  • Iron pant
  • Holy man
  • Sin of a woman
  • Back from Congo
  • Princess Natasha and lots more.

These movies kept us company and still are on sale now.

Chiwetalu Agu Biography and Chuwetalu Children

This post on Chiwetalu Agu Biography, will not be complete many people have been searching for the marital status of Chiwetalu and I am here to stop that search.

Chuwetalu is married to his lovely wife Mrs Nkechi and blessed with three sons and two daughters.

Those who are fans of Chiwetalu should be aware of this as he posts his family on social media on regularly.

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Chuwetalu Awards

Chuwetalu as we know so well deserves an award for all he has acted and he has received so many awards.

In 2011, Chiwetalu was awarded as best supporting actor at the Zulu African Film Academy Award (ZAFAA London) for his role in the movie “The Maidens”

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Chuwetalu was awarded best actor for indigenous movies at Nollywood movie award in 2012 for his role in the movie “Nkwocha.” Chuwetalu has received many awards and to me, he deserves to be awarded even the world best actor.

Chuwetalu’s Arrest

According to our research on Chiwetalu Agu Biography, it was indeed a shock to know that the popular movie actor/ comedian was arrested

According to Punch, the famous actor was arrested by the Nigerian soldiers around the upper Iweke Bridge in Onitsha for wearing an outfit with Biafra inscriptions.

Chuwetalu was on a charity mission to the less privileged when he was arrested by the soldiers.

Before the arrest of Chuwetalu, he was spotted seating on the bare floor with the soldiers around him.

In a viral video after his arrest, Chiwetalu Agu said he was sharing bread with hungry Nigerians and not demonstrating for anyone to join Biafra.

He also said the clothing he wore signified the rising sun and not Biafra, the rising sun on his dress

This signified that he will rise

When he was interrupted by the men of the Nigerian army he said that his clothes are only meaning a rising sun and not actually what they think. He however stated that his actions did not portray demonstrations anywhere as he was only sharing bread with the hungry persons.

This post gives more information to Chiwetalu Agu Biography. Most people see his arrest as illegal and has the suggestion that they wouldn’t have arrested him.

The army denied assaulting the comic actor, adding that he was arrested after he publicly displayed his solidarity for the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), a proscribed separatist group.

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After all this,  Chuwetalu was arrested by the DSS on Friday as research on him is still ongoing, since then, there is no further news about his realise while the president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Emeka  Rollas, said the guild is doing their best to ensure their release.

Stay on our page for more information concerning Chuwetalu.

Chuwetalu net worth

The Nigerian actor chuwetalu is indeed rich and very famous.

Chuwetalu is currently one of the richest and most influential actors in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $800,000.

Chuwetalu social Media Account

It would a good idea to have Chiwetalu’s social media user so I am going to help you with that.
To have Chiwetalu’s social media link, you have to be following him up or a social media fan base so you can have the real account of the celebrity.

Hope this information on Chiwetalu Agu Biography was helpful, don’t forget to live a comment on the comment section below and also follow our page for the new update on Chiwetalu Agu Biography.



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