Chipper Cash Customer Care Number And Contact Details 2021

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Chipper Cash Customer Care; Chipper cash is an international payment application. It centres around some African Countries. Some of these countries include; Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania.

This service allows one to enjoy free local transfer services at the lowest cross-border rates.

Chipper Cash Customer Care Number

Chipper Cash

The Chipper cash helps you to easily send and receive money with nothing attached to it. This is very rare to find as everyone now looks for one means or the other to get themselves rich.

Chipper cash ensures easy transfer throughout all the African countries it is situated in.

Just like Opay, this transfer also brings Africa together by the day as it creates a special transfer bond from the African country its does its transfers across.

With this service, we are gradually chipping away from the financial problems that people usually face across both Africa and the World.

The Chipper application has many features. These features are very good as they ease both the sending and receiving of money. Cash bonuses are also given to chipper customers when the need arises.

This cheaper has come to do a lot of good to not only the Nigerian economic system but also to the African economy.

It now reduces transfer traffic caused by a lack of adequate facilities by other transfer platforms. Chipper has come to make Africa great again.

This post contains hidden details of the Chipper platform. Its customer care line, features and even its history is in this post.

Read more and don’t skip any detail to enhance your knowledge on the chipper transfer platform.

After reading this post, you will be so excited to have this particular platform at your doorstep and you won’t hesitate to try it out.

Brief History of Chipper Cash

The Chipper cash which is mainly for African countries has found its way into Nigeria.

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This platform originates from San Francisco and had branches in Ghana and Kenya.

It offers P2P payment service and app in African countries with very high population density.

The platform partners with paystack which happens to be the payment gateway company. This partnership was even confirmed by the Chief Executive Officer of Paystack in the person of Shola Akinlade.

The Chipper cash is set to establish its company’s branch in Lagos. It has also employed a manager.

This manager happens to be the co-founder of the Lagos based ride-hail startup Gokada in the person of Abiodun Animashaun.

Animashaun happens to be among the two senior figures who are leaving African tech ventures to join Chipper Cash.

Chipper Cash is not into any POS service delivery

Alicia Levine on the other hand is set to leave Nairobi based internet hardware and service startup BRCK to be Chipper Cash’s, Chief Operating Officer.

This news was announced by the chief executive officer of Chipper Cash in the person of Ham Serunjogi.

This platform came into existence in October 2018 and joined a group of fintech startups which aims to scale digital financing apps throughout Africa’s large population.

The founders of the Chipper Cash platform emigrated to the United States to study.

They later worked for Silicon Valley and now have their own establishment. These people are Africans and from two different African countries.

Their names are; Serunjogi from Uganda and Maijid Moujaled of Ghana.

Of recent, the fintech company has more than 70,000 active users and has also processed 250,000 active transactions on its no-fee p2p cross border mobile money payments products.

Features of Chipper Cash and Chipper Cash Customer Care

The Chipper Cash transfer platform has very interesting features as it gives people good opportunities with bonuses. The qualities are very spectacular and can make one do services on it for life.

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Below are the interesting features of the Chipper Cash money transfer platform;

Transferring Money

Instead of you to send and receive money by paying transportation fee to a bank, just do it at once with the Chipper Cash platform.

The platform will enable you to send and receive money faster and without any form of payment.

Free Money Transfers

As earlier stated, one of the main features of this platform is that its transfers are free. Many will be surprised but this is absolutely true.

This is one of the best services that can be gotten from chipper cash, hence a lot of people are rushing for it.

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Buy Airtime on Discount & Earn Cashback

With the Chipper Cash platform, one can get discounts on Airtime and even get 2% or even more cashback with immediate effect. Now, you can get Airtime for yourself or friends at a good discount rate.

Instant Payment of Bills for Free

The Chipper Cash transfer platform also helps one to pay their bills very fast and not get charged as other money companies do. This platform has really made monetary businesses as easy and free as never before.

Earn Cash with Chipper Cash Customer Care

The Chipper Cash platform also helps one to make quick money. This is possible when you share the good news of Chipper cash with friends or family members.

The people you also introduce to it also get cash bonuses.

Pay anyone and get Paid, Instantly

Chipper Cash also enables one to shop online on any platform very easily. One can easily open a business and pay both local and international suppliers with the Chipper Platform.

This also helps to save fees you would have paid for the transaction.

If you want to pay your school fees in universities outside your locality, the Chipper platform also helps to serve transaction money and you also will get the money speedily.

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Accessories, clothes, gadgets and lots more can also be gotten with ease through the chipper platform.

Chipper Cash Customer Care Number in Nigeria

Chipper cash online platform is not prone to problems. Nevertheless, nobody is perfect and so even the chipper Cash platform is not prone to mistakes.

This platform has its services accurately and designed to serve humanity. The platform has also made easy transactions that were termed difficult for people.

Today, many people end up thanking Chipper Cash for their endorsement and for the dream they have implemented.

The Chipper founders are said to have a proper vision of what Africa needs. Now to some extent, Africa can raise its head among other top continents of the world.

This section of this post will show you the Chipper Cash Customer Care Number you can easily get to if you have any problem with any of their services.

Chipper cash is also building a union with their fast customer care support.

This information is to bring ti your notice the added advantages that the chipper cash gives, its customer care, and other features of it are also here.

This platform is real and very exciting to use. Enjoy this platform and all its benefits now.

Endeavour to share this post with others as they will be so delighted to try it out.

Drop all questions and comments regarding this post on Chipper Cash Customer Care in the suggestion box below.



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