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How to Write a Good Proposal- 7 steps to Writing Wining a Proposal

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How to write a Good Proposal A good proposal is one that can get the support of the party to whom you are writing to. Writing a proposal might be a bit tasking but if you understand it principles and the way out, it might become easy. As a writer, a businessman or a student, Read More

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Cure Bad Writing: Remedies to Solve your Bad writing

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Cure Bad Writing: Remedies to Solve your Bad writing Bad writing like a terrible epidemic disease has killed many would be writers and that is why every writer should strive to cure bad writing, Fixing the problems of bad writing is what many people don’t know how to go about. This you will learn here. Read More

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Make Money Writing:Top 7 Ways to Earn Money Through Writing

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Top 7 Ways to make money writing There are many  ways to make money writing even as a beginner. When someone identifies a passion and build on it, the person grows to the level of turning passion into wealth.   As a writer, a time will come when you feel that your services should no Read More

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Editing and Proofreading: How to Proofread and Edit Perfectly

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Editing and proofreading are  techniques writers should learn and gain when writing. The truth is that you may have the right message to pass but you pass it with jargons, and blunders of course, that can’t make you a good writer. Probably, you have been engaging the services of others to make sure that your Read More

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Internet Writing: How to Write for Online Publication for readability and high traffic

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Internet writing : How to write for online for readability and traffic Internet writing or Writing for the internet could just be as easy as it could. Many people have ended up writing like a professional journalist on the internet. I don’t doubt their proficiency. Did you know? That various aspect of writing have its Read More

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Write Well: How to Write Well for Optimum Result

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How to Write Well Writing well does not require lots of competency like many people think it is. Many are baffled by the dexterity of good writers. They ask questions such as; how do I write well, what should I put in consideration when writing, and how can my writing communicate my feelings? If you Read More

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Blog for Writers: How to Start a Blog, a Guide for Writers

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How to start a blog, A guide for writers Every writer needs a platform to share thoughts and experiences to the general public. The cheapest and the reliable means to do this is to start a blog. The online platform is one platform that is exposed to thousands of visitors worldwide. Before creating your blog, Read More

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