Malaria Vaccine in Nigeria: 20 Things you Need to Know

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Malaria vaccine | Malaria has been a big problem in Nigeria. Since the 19s, Nigeria has always been known for its high case of malaria. In 2019, nearly half of the world’s population was at risk of malaria. Most cases and deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa. However, the WHO regions of South-East Asia, Eastern Mediterranean, Read More

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Marburg Virus Disease Symptoms and Transmission

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Marburg Virus Disease Symptoms and Transmission In the world today there are various diseases that are affecting various persons in various places. It is very important that all get to know about these diseases. With the knowledge of these diseases, all will be able to possibly take precautions so as not to also contract the Read More

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School of Nursing Ihiala Past Question and Answers (Pdf) | Download College of Nursing Ihaiala Past Questions

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Just like we had promise in our last post, we therefore have written this pots on school of nursing Ihiala past question and Answers to give the latest information on how to download the College of Nursing Ihiala past question and answers. We are committed to source for the updated and hence we have provided Read More

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School of Nursing Fees in Nigeria and Federal School of Nursing Form

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This article is another interesting article which we have written on school of nursing fees in Nigeria and how to get the federal school of nursing form. The fedral school of nursing is one one the most prestigious schools in Nigeria and it is usually difficult to gain admission to study in this prestigious institution. Read More

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Best Routine for Diabetes Patients – Latest Health Update

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Best Routine for Diabetes Patients There are numerous diseases in the world today. These diseases range from cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, and many others. Most of these diseases have no cure and usually lead those they affect to their graves. Of recent, scientists and medical practitioners are devising a means to neutralize the strength of these Read More

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How To Make Hand Sanitizers at Home – Simple Method to Make Good Hand Sanitizers

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The spread of the recent pandemic Corona virus has led to us researching and coming up with the simple method on How To Make Hand Sanitizers at Home. Check below; Coranavirus has grown and it has spread across continent of the world with alarming cases. It has not spared the rich, the poor and the Read More

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Jumia Loan App | Download Jumia One App

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The rise of online loans in Nigeria brought the increase to Jumia Loan App. Through the Jumia One loan, you can get credits with a low-interest rate, and we have seen that most persons have looked for loan sources to download the Jumia loan app and we can’t just stop giving you this updates on Read More

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