A lot of persons have thought that CAC Registration Form 2019 is very difficult to obtain, that is to say that a lot of persons think that registration of business name is something that is often difficult. But truth is that there are so many persons that are ignorant of the step by step guide on how to go about registration of business name.

CAC Registration Form
CAC Registration Form

Do you know that a lots of persons are in check every day about your business, the legitability of the business as well as wel as checking if your business or company is registered. In case you have a top business idea, you can register it now.

How did I know this?

A considerate number of persons search for how to check if a company is registered in Nigeria on daily basis because of them being so afraid to do transaction with your business. Analyses have shown that every day, more than 1 persons looses confident in an unregistered business who is part of business agreement.

If your business is not registered under the CAC Registration form processes, then you are missing out and your business is among businesses that loses prospective clients on daily basis.

In this post, you will get to know and I will definitely explain the procedure and requirement for registration of a business name in Nigeria.

It very easy and straight forward to obtain a business name registration form for CAC Registration of businesses, but the questions is that many people don’t know the step by step guide and processed to undertake for a successful name registration.

A guide on Business Name Registration in Nigeria with CAC Registration Form

This post will serve as a guide towards knowing the step by step guide and processes on how to register your business in Nigeria. If you are among those who love asking the question how long does it take to register a business name in Nigeria.

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If you will love your business to be among the list of registered companies in Nigeria attract high paying business clients and then you will have to obtain the CAC Registration Form 2019 fill it and follow the prompt instructions by the Corporate Affairs commission.

The Registration processes for the CAC Registration Form 2019 is very easy and straight forward. After picking up the form for registration of business names in Nigeria, sometimes you are mostly required to upload the documents gotten and this could be done at docupload cac gov ng.

Aside from the CAC Registration Form 2019, there are other forms to obtain from the corporate affairs commission like the cac accreditation form.

It is good to know that there are many advantage of registering a business. If you are applying for any F.G Bank of Industry trader money or otherFash cash loans, you can get it easily as a registered business.

It is important to note that there is a little token attached to the form which is the cac registration fees.


But don’t be afraid because incase you don’t have any token to pay, you can still go ahead to register with the CAC Registration Form 2019 even without paying a dime the cac forms pdf can be obtainable.

Steps on How to register a Business name in Nigeria

Whether you wants a free business name search registration with the CAC Registration Form 2019, you will first check business name availability nationally before even proceeding to register any business.

Like we promised earlier that in this post you will learn how to obtain the CAC Registration Form 2019 and how to register a business name in Nigeria.

Before proceeding with anything else, you should first check your business name availability check at the cac registration site.  Here is how to register a business name in Nigeria.

  • Visit the registration portal at https://services.cac.gov.ng and get ready to follow the prompt instructions
  • The site will be open and you should tab on the “Register” Icon at the top right side of the webpage
  • Complete the form press on another “Register” column below the page to be filled. You must filled all spaces especially parts with asterisked in red
  • Congratulations, you can now check you email address provided by you for a confirmation message or verification link.
  • In case you can’t find the mail on your inbox, you can also check your spam folder
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CAC Forms and Fees and CAC Registration Form

Like we said earlier, how to fill form cac 2a is very easy and straight forward the onl thing you will have to do is to complete the online form available at the site of the corporate affairs commission and by following the simple steps, you can and should be able to complete the online application form.

You will aslo be asked to fill and complete the cac trustee declaration form  and all of this forms belong to the CAC Registration Form which can be completed immediately and speedily without wasting of time.

Since the form corporate affairs commission is now cac online registration,  knowing how to register an enterprise in Nigeria is very easy and from reading this post indepthly, you will be able to know the simple steps on how to register a business name in Nigeria.

There are certain requirements for which you need to know and meet before proceeding to register business name online. Now this requirements for registering a business name will help you to know the proper steps in how to register a business name for free.

Whether you wants to register small business name or register a big name, the registration steps are very easy and straight forward if you require to know how to register your business in Nigeria and obtain the CAC Registration Form 2019

Name Reservation and CAC Docupload for Private Unlimited companies

  1. Enter and login to the CRP account created for you.
  2. Click on the ‘Name Reservation’ menu available on the menu bar.
  3. Follow and click on the ‘New Name Reservation’ sub menu
  4. Select your company from the “Classification” shown and you should type and select “Private Unlimited Company” from the specific type drop down.
  5. Enter the company names you intend to search for in the text fields written “Option1” and “Option2” and click on the “Save and continue” button. Please note that “Option1” is very compulsory.
  6. Fill in the “Reason for availability search”. You can enter data into the column “Additional comment” if you have additional information to input. You should note that this is not really compulsory
  7. Save your data by clicking on save and continue as you are redirected to make your payments.
  8. Follow the remitta field to complete your transaction.
  9. Make sure you save your Remitta RRR number
  10. Choose a payments option and pay with your card
  11. You can also chose to reset and cancel your application by pressing the Reset bar.
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Congratulations, after making your payments you can check your application status or you can also check your payments status by visiting the name reservation column on the home page. You will be automatically be redirected to download your payments receipts if your payments is successful and you will see your payment history right before you.

We wrote on Goat Framing Business and many love it and requested that we write on this post and that is why we have written on cac doc upload and business name registration.

If your application was not successful you will be redirected to start over again.  Click on the payment history to check your status and use the availability code to check your receipt.

This post was to inform you on CAC Registration Form 2019 which also involves Business Name Registration form and CAC Doc upload.  Do you have any question or contribution on this post on CAC Registration Form 2019, please drop your comment below.

Please ensure you have a register business today, share this post to all



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