Branch Loan App Download and Branch Customer Care Number

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This post contains branch loan App download and how to download the app for branch loan and perform any kind of transaction which you want to perform through the application and we will show you through this guide on how to download the application.

Branch Loan App Download

Branch Loan App Download

Branch Loan is currently one of the best apps for loans as it offers loans without collateral and on this post on branch loan, you will see how to access loan for branch loan through this post.

It is important to let you know how to create an account with branch loan and we have made this post or you with the necessary guidance required to activate an account on branch Loan.

We cannot compare Okash loan with branch as branch loan so far remains one of the best App for loans and the most interesting thing is that loan offered here is done without any form of collateral.

It is of high importance that you know how to activate your account on the branch loan app. The application for this loan is easily gotten from Google play store and within a very short time, you can download the application of branch loan.

Like kiakia loan application, your loan application will be review and if you have successfully reach and meet the loan requirements, a loan will be offered to you.

It is only on google play store that you can find this loan for download and we want you to use the download link to download the app.

About Branch Loan and Branch Loan App

Branch loan is a microloan that allows users to get a loan ranging from N5,000 to N100,00 depending on how your algorithm is being measured.

Just like whatsapp, the mobile application can be downloaded on chrome and any other application sites like google play store.

The branch loan App download is compatible on all android devices as well as Apple IOS products. The application can be easily downloaded and you can use the application without seeking out for assistance from anyone.

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Google play store is the best place to download this application and with the right download link, you will download the app.

Once this application has been downloaded, please launch the application and create an account with the app. Your account will be created with your functional phone number, however, there is still an option to create an account with your Facebook I.D.

Please ensure that you have completed your account registration and verification for your app and you will instantly activate the application with the right account activation code so you can now apply for a loan.

 Branch loan App download and Requirements

With branch loan app, you can get a loan ranging from N1,000 to N13,000 and this offer is only for the first-timer, depending on the loan algorithm.

Once your registration is successful, it will take you to get the loan instantly and your interest rate reduces gradually based on the number of time that you have gotten a loan with branch loan.

Your loan application should be done by you after you have completed the registration for the loan.

You are given a low interest on your first application and your interest rate is calculated based on the actual amount that you have gotten as a loan.

Branch Loan App Download Interest Rate for Fast Loans

Certain things determine the interest rate for branch loan and one of it it is its loan repayment plan and the actual loan take with the branch loan App.

The first-timer is to pay an interest rate of 2.5 to 30% as the actual interest rate but for those that are first-timer, getting branch loan will be a bench to 15% interest rate, but as the loan amount increases, your interest rate also increase.

In recent times, branch loan had benched its interest rate to 20% to avoid confusion and this interest which is 20% is fixed.

Let’s say that you get a loan of N12,000 you will require to pay an interest rate of 20% which will 2,400 in addition to the actual amount.

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Branch loan Repayment Plan

Just like fairmoney loan and any other loan, you will be required to repay your loan after you have met the required loan duration for the loan which you obtained.

Starting from when your loan was approved and you got paid, you will have to make your repayment when your loan is due according to the loan period.

On branch loan App download, the repayments plan is as follows:

  • You can repay your loan daily
  • Loans obtained from branch loan can also be paid every week
  • You can also make your repayments with your interest rate every two weeks.
  • Pay branch loan monthly for new users whose loan is within a months
  • For bigger loans, there is also a 2 months

Note that the earlier you pay your loan, the slashed in the loan interest rate and you can choose any of the above plans to repay your loan.

Once your loan has been paid early enough you will also be eligible to obtain a new loan with a higher loan offer and a lower interest rate.

All loan users also get a referral reward when they refer anyone to join the platform with their unique referral I.D.

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How to Obtain a Loan through branch loan App download

  1. Download the branch loan application through google play store
  2. Click sing up to and input your phone number
  3. Register for an account with your banking details and BVN
  4. Allow to load and after which you will see a loan offer
  5. Click on loan and request for a loan with your Phone number

Branch Loan Customer Care Number

If you have any issues you will like to resolve with branch loan, please reach out to the customer care number on and address on Etiebets Place 21-22 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way Ikeja, 100001, Lagos.

Branch Loan App download can be downloaded online through different download guide and we want you to know that there is a loan that offers the loan service and that’s why we have offered you the necessary information for branch loan.

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The review has been shown above and it contains all information which you should know and also the necessary steps for you to activate an account on branch loan.

Branch Loan App download, when done, is very easy to be used and downloaded and with the above link, you must be able to download the application and used without having any complaints.

After downloading the application, you must complete all your registration guide and in case you have any issue to resolve, please do well to contact the customer care line as branch loan has the best customer care number as when you have any issues, you can always contact branch loan through customer care service to rectify your problem.

When you download the application, please ensure that you have a strong internet connection to connect through this application.

Branch loans are obtainable within the same time of application and that’s why it does not take any more time to get the loan on branch loan.

If you have any question or contribution on this post on Branch Loan App download, we will love you to drop a comment through the comment box below and we will love you to share this posts also.



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