Blood Group Compatibility for Marriage Update 2022

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Blood Group Compatibility for Marriage

The blood group of a person does not affect marriage at any point. The problem with the blood group develops during childbearing.

Blood group compatibility for marriage is a major problem of most couples in the world today and there are ways of solving such a problem.

There are basically 4 blood group but when divided into their different Rh D. the D antigens helps to determine if a person is negative or positive, dividing the blood group to 8.

The blood is made up of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets popularly called plasma blood. Antibodies and antigens in the blood are the easy determinants of the blood group.

Blood Group Compatibility for Marriage

Blood Group Compatibility for Marriage

Antigens are protein molecules found on the surface of red blood cells while antibodies are proteins found in plasma.

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This part of the body helps to defend the body against germs and alert your immune system which will destroy them.

The blood group of a person is very important as it helps to fight agent any germ in the body; we need to know how to take proper care of ourselves.

Blood group Compatibility for Marriage- What Are The Different Blood Group?

The different blood groups are;

  • A
  • B
  • O
  • AB

The following are the different types of blood groups that exist. these blood groups really matter and one must be careful in his or her choice of a life partner as it might affect their kids.

The reason why most churches and other religions ask couples to go for tests before marriage is because of problems like this.

This problem really needs to be fixed before marriage and if there is no way of fixing it, it is better one make other choices in choosing a life partner.

Above is four different blood group and there are divided into two each according to a protein called Rh factor that might help to determine if one’s blood is positive (+) or negative (-).

The following are the division of the blood group;

  • A+
  • A-
  • B+
  • B-
  • O+
  • O-
  • AB+
  • AB-

These are the 8 blood groups we have and one thing that everyone should note is that this blood group cannot change at any point.

The blood group is determined before the birth of a child and after childbearing; it cannot be changed no matter what.

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Blood group compatibility for marriage has caused many problems. This is because many couples refuse to go throw the test before marriage or have ignored these facts.

Blood Group Compatibility for Marriage

A man or a woman must consider the above-stated reason for not getting married without a proper check-up on your spouse’s blood group.

Most people feel the reason they are asked to go for a test is because of HIV. Yes, HIV might be a very rampant reason but the blood group really matters too.

According to the compatibility calculator, the blood groups that are really compatible for marriage are;

  • O Male x A Female
  • A Male x A Female
  • O Male x B Female
  • O Male x O Female

Other blood groups may turn out right but these are the result that always leads to a positive and happy marriage.

There are many reasons why blood groups are very necessary to consult before marriage. When a woman is pregnant, she needs to undergo a test for the wellbeing of her baby.

Many people cannot get pregnant and they blame it on impotency and barrenness. There are other things to consider other than this two.

Like the blood, the

Blood Group Compatibility for Marriage

Blood Group Compatibility for Marriage

group is a natural fighter in the body that fight agent any foreigner that comes into the body.

Gems and other molecules are foreigners in the system and Rh incompatibility is more alike to be as a foreigner in the system.

Blood Group Compatibility for Pregnancy

Women who have negative blood take in and their child happen to have a positive Rh due to the father of the child. Her immune system is liable to fight agent the baby seeing it as a foreigner in the body.

When a woman is pregnant, a possible way of solving her problem is visiting the hospital often to check up on her baby.

Babies are so fragile and can easily die. When an immune system is hyperactive, it can easily destroy the baby thinking it is a gem or any other foreigner trying to intrude into the body.

In most cases, a woman’s blood dominates that of a baby, and on the other hand, the father’s blood dominates too.

If a woman has a negative Rh and the baby positive, it is very much possible for the baby not to survive to the end as the immune system of the mom would fight agent them.

Some survive to the end and die at the point of delivery. This is because the blood of the mother does not penetrate into her babies but can while delivery.

And the immune system of the mom would surely win. This is why it is advisable to visit the doctor regularly to check up on your status.

Checking on your status will help you determine if your immune system is trying to fight agent your baby.

  Blood Transfusion between Partners

blood compatibility for marriage is useful in so many ways. For example, one of the couples is in need of a blood transfusion.

Couples who do not have compatible blood cannot donate blood to each other. A transfusion of the wrong type of blood product can result in a potentially fatal toxic reaction.

Another reason why most people marry compatible blood groups is the ability to donate blood to a partner if there is a need for that.

If there is any case of emergency and blood is needed urgently, it is a good idea if a couple donates but in a case was both couple’s blood do not agree, it is very difficult to help.

Anyone who has the blood type “AB+” is liable to receive blood from any donor being that AB+ is a universal recipient.

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One who has blood type A can receive blood from blood type A and blood type O as O is a universal donor.

If you have blood group O-, 

you are a universal donor and can donate blood to anyone in the world.

The blood type B can receive blood from type B and also O which is a universal donor.

Having the blood type O is a really nice one as you can donate to any other blood group.

Conclusively, it is very important to note this fact so you wouldn’t blame your problems on someone else or on a sickness.

I hope you benefited from reading this article, leave a comment in the comment section if you have any questions to ask.



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