BB Naija 2021 Form and Closing Date – How Much Is BB Naija Form

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BB Naija 2021 Form and Closing Date – How Much Is BB Naija Form 

The BB Naija is the short form of one of the most popular Nigerian shows known as Big Brother Naija.

This show is hosted by MultiChoice Nigeria. This company is the owner of both the DSTV and the GOTV pay TVs.

They have made a great impact since their arrival in Nigeria as they are also the host of the Nigerian Idol competition.

Big Brother Naija is a competition whereby the winner goes home with lots of amazing prices. The winner of the competition is always determined through voting.

In this competition, contestants are locked up in a house. Their daily activities are also monitored as it will be used to judge them.

There are also rules that govern this competition. If any of the competitors break any of these rules they will be disqualified with immediate effect.

This show is usually viewed by many not only in Nigeria but also in other African countries. The Big Brother Naija show has helped in empowering many since it came to be.

To be among the contestants of this show this 2021 you will have to fill the BB Naija 2021 Form. The show will soon begin as its preparations have already begun.

The show is usually a very exciting one as many usually look forward to watching it. This show is always viewed life at DSTV and GOTV as these two Pay TVs have stations for it.

Also, you can be a winner of this competition this year just fill the BB Naija 2021 Form and move on to the contest.

Every fact you wish to know about the BB Naija 2021 Form, its registration, and lots more are in this post. Read down to see all information.

BB Naija 2021 Form

BB Naija 2021 Form

Brief History of the Big Brother Naija

The History of Big Brother Naija is important for all who will love to contest in the competition. Big Brother Naija was first known as Big Brother Nigeria.

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It is known to many as the BB Naija and is one of the biggest reality shows in Nigeria. This show is a contest in which all contestants are taken to an isolated building.

They have to remain in this building for some time without going anywhere. In this contest, there are a set of rules and regulations that are not to be violated.

If any of the contestants happen to violate the set rules and regulations governing the show, they will be disqualified and will have to leave the house.

The winner of this show usually goes home with a very fat sum of money alongside other gift items worth millions of Naira.

At the end of the show, those who remained will be set to go to the voting stage. In this stage, the viewers will vote for the winner.

This show has built up important personalities in this country. Gideon Okeke which happens to be one of the actors of the Africa Magic movie titled “Tinsel” is from the Big Brother Naija house.

Also, Ebuka Obi-uchendu a popular TV personality also emerged from the Big Brother Naija reality show and many more people.

The first Big Brother Naija show was conducted in 2006 and since then it has been in continuity till this very moment.

Be a winner today, join the Big Brother Naija show and win big.

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Big Brother Naija Requirements

Before one can fill the BB Naija 2021 Form, he/she will have to, first of all, meet the necessary requirements to be a qualified contestant.

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These requirements are in this section of this post and we will show them to you so that you can know if you are qualified for the show.

If you are not qualified don’t bother registering for the show as you will also attach other documents that will be used to ascertain your true age.

Below are the requirements needed to be a qualified contestant for the show;

  • Every contestant must be a certified Nigerian citizen. Non-Nigerian citizens are not to participate in the show.
  • The age limit for the Big Brother Naija show is between 21 – 35 years of age.
  • All contestants for the show most have intact emotional stability. This will enable them to face all the challenges that come with the show.
  • A valid International passport is needed before candidates can be fit for the contest. The essence of this International passport is to identify if contestants are citizens of Nigeria.
  • The educational qualification for the Big Brother Naija show is the O’level result. This result can be WAEC, NECO, or GCE. University certificates are not compulsory.

If you have the complete qualifications as stated above then you are fit to fill the BB Naija Form 2021 and be a contestant on the reality show.

BB Naija 2021 Form and Closing Date- How Much Is BB Naija Form

The BB Naija 2021 Form will soon be out. The registration is going to be online registration. All contestants are to meet the necessary requirements for qualification.

This form has its counterfeit as many will be out to use this period to gain money illegally. We will guide you so as not to be duped by fraudsters.

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Also, when this form is out we will let you know so it is very important for you to keep in touch with us. May happen to give false news that the BB Naija 2021 Form is around 100,000 naira.

That news is false and beware of people with such news. The BB Naija 2021 Form is completely free to all who are willing to register for the show.

Do not let anyone trick you into paying for the form for it will just be a waste of your money. Alongside the application, all contestants are to attach a two-minute introductory video stating what they want to be in the BB Naija and also why they should be selected for the show.

Since the registration has not yet begun, there is no date for the registration to close. Moreover, keep yourself updated by visiting this site always.

Once the BB Naija 2021 Form is out we will communicate it to you. Share this post with your friends and let them know that they can register for the upcoming Big Brother Naija Show.

All they need to do is just to meet the necessary requirements for the Reality show. Do not let anyone fraud you during the registration period as there will be scams everywhere.

Drop all your comments and questions regarding this post in the comment box below.



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