Baxi Box POS Charges – Baxi Withdrawal Charges 2021

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Baxi Box POS Charges | There are many Point Of Sale service companies in Nigeria with different Charges, Some of them have good network system while some have very good network systems.

One of the available Point Of Sale service companies in Nigeria is the Baxi Box Point of Sale service Company.

The Baxi Box Point of Sale services happens to have one of the best Point of Sale Services in Nigeria. Their network system is very good and dependable.

Baxi Box POS Charges 2021

Baxi Box POS Charges

Baxi Box Point of Sale Service Company is much known for its network agility in doing various services.

Some of the services which the Baxi Box Point Of Sale Service Company offers are money transfers which include both the sending and the receiving of money.

Other services are also available in the Baxi Box list of various services. Many people now use the Baxi Box Point Of Sale service for different transactions.

This act has made the Baxi Box be one of the highest-ranking Point of Sale Service (POS) companies in Nigeria.

Now, the Baxi Box is competing with most of the high ranking Point of Sale companies in Nigeria.

The Baxi Box is not only a Point Of Sale Service company but also a company that deals with other sorts of monetary services.

They have offices in almost every part of the country and their services are loved by all. Baxi Box has various features and these services are not common to all POS services.

Details of Baxi Box POS Charges and other details of theirs in this post are true facts.

After reading this post carefully, you will have no other choice but to go and get the Baxi Box Point Of Sale services for your own personal use.

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In fact, you will go further to open your own Point Of Sale business with the Baxi Box monetary company.

Baxi Box POS App 2021

The Baxi Box mobile app is an app with special features which can help all its users to buy and sell online. Needless to looking for a bank or keeping cash when you have all the transactions in just ago.

The idea is to eradicate the time spent in ensuring that the transaction is made. This could actually be stressful. You can also use this app through your account number to receive your monthly, daily or weekly income.

Like Opay POS service, there are several bonuses attached to each person depending on how they promote the app in the market.

With Baxi, your business can meet that goal and you can grow your business at anytime.

Features of Baxi Box POS App

  1. It uses a One-stop-shop process as customers can now access several services using their app.
  2. The app is an open one and different services can be done through it at once.
  3. It has accessibility to Bluetooth, printing and payments using a credit/debit card.
  4. The app has various services and more are being added to on daily basis.
  5. The Baxi Box app can also be used to pay bills, and do any other monetary transaction.

Your payment is swift with this app and you can use the application to pay online for services and utility including electricity, GoTV and other cable subscription.

Not so many platforms don’t pay her users for the utility payment, but with Baxi, you get paid for the utility payment.

For transfer, you can transfer to different banks from their banks as listed on the app. Another interesting is the recharge card feature where you can use it to print recharge of any type and you earn a commission for each card purchase.

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One of the things that make this POS stand out from other POS machine is that you can correct errors on the machine quickly.

For any failed transaction means a successful transaction from Baxi. This is possible because it is actually left from the bank to resolve the issues of dispense error.

You get credited on your account within a maximum timeframe of 5 minutes.

All failed cash is sent to the originating bank.

Baxi Box POS Charges 2021

To be precise and sincere, Baxi box POS charges is high and unlike other POS, the current Baxi Box POS Charges is as high as 0.65% on most of the withdrawal made on their account and which is relatively high.

Apparently, in the case of having to withdraw a higher amount of money, you will have to pay higher charges.

When charges are too, high, it leads to people running away from the business and this is not healthy for the business.

You don’t want to do a business that brings loses to you instead of gain, hence people not really patronizing Baxi for POS.

Though Baxi POS charges are high the good thing about Baxi POS is that it is very easy to use and you will get the best and easy flow of the network.

For now, the official Baxi Box POS Charges is about 0.65 for withdrawal and this commission

You should also note that 30 Cash Transfer on any amount.

Baxi Box POS Charges

Contactless payment

Utility Bills Baxi Box POS Charges and Commission 2021


1.Abuja Postpaid0.960%
2Abuja Prepaid0.960%
3Airtel Bundle1.760%
4DStv (MultiChoice) Subscription Payment Regular Agent1.400%


5DStv (MultiChoice) Subscription Payment Sabimen Agent1.200%


6Eko Postpaid0.800%
7Enugu Postpaid2.000%


8Etisalat Bundle2.800%


9Glo Bundle Recharge2.800%


10Glo Prepaid Recharge2.800%
11Golden Chance Lotto 5/9020.000%


12GOTv (MultiChoice) Subscription Payment Regular Agent1.400%


13GOTv (MultiChoice) Subscription Payment Sabimen Agent 



14Ikeja Disco Bill Payment  1.200%


15Ikeja Disco Token Vending1.200%


16MTN Bundle1.600%


17MTN Prepaid Recharge1.600%



It is very important to note that Baxi POS charge about N200 weekly for POS maintenance. Yes. This should not scare you as unlike other POS, Baxi does not charge her customer for stamp duties as this very important.

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The good thing about Baxi POS is that you can fund your account directly to their wallet with a customized account number.

You can also fund your baxi account yourself through the app and when funding, Select the account on the app and input your PIN.

We will love to know if you have any question or you want to make a contribution to this post on Baxi Box POS Charges and commission, you can use the app and apply to become a baxi agent.

If you have any question or contribution on this post or you need more clarification on this post, please do well to drop it through the comment box below.



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