Apply Now for Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan 2018 | How to Apply for BOI Trader Moni Loan

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The bank of Industry has introduced a scheme which allows trader to access loan it is the Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan. Over the years, this incorporation has delivered lots of loans to many persons, which may include graduates, trader etc. There are different cartegory for this loan available for different people and hence this loan is out this time specifically for traders.

Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan

Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan

The trader moni loan which has been given various names is available  and all those who are traders . That is petty traders can access this loan without any form of problems and following the right steps will help you to check and know the right steps and processes towards collecting this loan.

Like it was said earlier, Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan is one loan that is available for Nigerians and Nigerians can also have full access to this fast cash loans and thus the need to know how to access the loan which we have written in this guide how to acess this loan for your benefits.

The bank of industry nigeria loans is a kind of loan that is accessible to different categories of persons who are in need of loan or grants and thus the incorporation has lots to offer all those who have applied for the bank of industry grants Like the kiakia loans

If you wants to apply fo this opportunity, you don’t have to locate the bank of industry nigeria address for your forms, but you can complete the online application form which is available at the official site of the corporation.

It is clearly evidential the the state bank of industry in Nigeria is a financial helping corporation and thus so far, this organization has been able to touch so many lives by giving out loans to students, traders etc.

How to Apply for bank of industry Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan 2018

Saying how to apply for bank of industry does not mean that we are advertising that the corporations wants to employ people and thus it should be clearly stated that this post is not to advertise any bank of industry recruitment, but rather it is here to bring you the latest information about the loan programme.

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This guide is specifically to let you know how to get the Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan and not to inform you about the bank of industry yes programme. The bank of industry Nigeria has many programmes for the development of Nigeria and the collaborate with reputable organizations to  grants loans to people who may be in need of it.

Just  to let you know

That we will inform you on how to apply for this loans for petty traders who needs money to finance their. The good news is that you will not have to pay to obtain the form as the Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan form is available online, Just go online and process the bank of industry loan application

Over the years, the bank of industry loan has really helped lots of young persons and petty traders by establishing them and given them a god source of income via the bank.

Apart from following its normal functions which everyone know, it is important to note that they are major functions of bank of industry.

For those trades who wants to pick a loan with the bank of industry but afraid of it for interest rate, please be inform that the bank of industry interest rate is zero and that is to say that the interest rate is very accommodating.

Apart from just the interest rate, it is also important to note that the bank operates a free collateral and that is to say that you will not have to pay any collateral for you to be able to access this loan.

Bank of industry requirements 2018

  1. Free collateral and for a large amount, you will have to pay at least a collateral worth 150 percent of the amount you are requesting for
  2. A letter of application will be required and photocopies of certificates of registration or incorporation
  3. A photocopy of a letter which contains the certificate of the True copy of Memorandum and article of association belonging to the company
  4. Provide quotations of Items or equipment it might be photocopies or original consisting of four copies of different quotations with a feasibility study report
  5. Submit at least three years of the most recent audited account information belonging to the establishment
  6. Provide a recent tax clearance document for the company within a range of three years
  7. Passport photograph of the M.D of the establishment and it should be 8 copies
  8. Filled and submit the bank of Industry Questionnaire
  9. Registered Intellectual Property/Proprietary Assets
  10. A statement declaring the full and current liabilities of the company
  11. Statement of an account bearing the company and showing the account information of the company for about 6 months and must come from a recognized financial institution.
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The good news is that you will not need most of the above mentioned if you are applying for the Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan. This application requirements is strictly to big business owners whoa re in need of capital for their business this loan is for petty traders who can need capital for their businesses.

Like it was said earlier, this loan is designed for petty traders who needs financial support for their businesses.

Important Notice on Bank of Industry Loan 2018 Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan


  • The minimum loan offer for the Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan is N10,000 and traders can access loan ranging up to N50,000
  • The duration or payback time for the Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan is within an interval of 6 months.
  • To qualify for a higher loan, you will need to payback the old loan collected. Lets assume you got N10,000 loan, you should be able to pay back before you qualify for the next stage of N15,000 and N15,000 refund qualifies you for N20,000 loan and so forth till N50,000
  • The Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan is in a collaboration with World bank and other banks like GTb, UBA, First Bank, Zenith Bank, FCMB, Union Bank, Stanbic bank, Fidelity Bamk etc.
  • The trader may be asked to pay an enumeration of fee of N4,000
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How to Access Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan

Locate a mobile money agent around you and give your details to his/her for which will be used for the registration. The details is being received and processed within 24 hours. In two day time, the trader should get an alert or account notification on the wallet transfer.

The trader can chose to receive the money from the bank via his personal account or receive it via normal transfer.

How to Access Loan online

  • Apply by visiting the web portal :
  • Click on the “Apply for loan now” icon on the page
  • Follow and click the “Register here” to register your account.
  • You are expected to receive a verification link as well as a tracking code on your mail
  • By clicking on the registration link you will login to your account.
  • After logging, complete the application form and save it by clicking on “continue”
  • You will receive a mail with containing and confirming the receipts of your application

Hope you have been informed about the Bank of Industry Trader Moni Loan and how to apply for it. If you need this loan immediately, you will have to follow the instructions carefully written above.

Please share this post to everyone who may be in need of capital for business.



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