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Peters Edi is a prolific writer who writes awesome contents especially for the internet; he is a freelance writer, SEO expert, web designer, a Blogger, event host, and ICT/Social Media consultant......

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Nigerian Police Ranks and their Salaries | Updated Ranks and Salaries of Nigerian Police 2022

Filed in Articles by on April 12, 2022 0 Comments

This is another awesome post on the Nigerian police ranks and their salaries for all those in Nigeria and outside the country who wish to have accurate information on the police rank and symbols we have written extensively on the Nigerian police ranks as well as their salary structure which will be of help to Read More

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WhatsApp Download | Download WhatsApp Latest Version 2021

Filed in Technology by on April 4, 2022 7 Comments

WhatsApp Download In case you are still using the old version of whatApp, this post is here to show you the simple way on how to go about downloading of the new version of whatsApp for free. This downloading could be done for free without any charges attached. WhatsApp is an important application used as Read More

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Boycott Movie Download – RMD, Yomi Blaq Nollywood Movie

Filed in Movies by on March 9, 2022 0 Comments

Boycott Movie Download | This post will give you a piece of detailed information on how to download the latest movie that has just been released. The Cinema movie which has been released on March 11 features different characters and top-notch cinema actors to make this movie the best of it. Our post features different Read More

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Samsung Phones Below 40000 Naira -Features and Prices

Filed in Articles, Technology by on March 7, 2022 0 Comments

Samsung Phones below 40000 Naira Samsung is one of the best digital companies in the world. It produces not only phones but also other digital and electronic devices. Their products are fantastic and very different from any other company producing the same product of theirs. The Samsung digital company has been noted for its amazing Read More

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School of Nursing Past Questions and Answers | Download School of Nursing Past Questions

Filed in Education, Jobs by on February 19, 2022 3 Comments

This post is on the various School of Nursing Past questions and answers 2019 which will help you to prepare for the various examination of the Nigerian School of Nursing. There are numerous school of Nursing in Nigeria and a time like this, many are in search of their past questions and answers which is Read More

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