Atpays Registration Login Atpays Review – How to Register for Atpays

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Atpays registration login Atpays Review

Atpays which is called news4result is a platform which is profitable for all its users and thus we decided to write this post on Atpays registration login Atpays review for you.

A lot of persons have come with a request of knowing legitimate online income programme for passive income and we have written this post to let you know and inform you on how to generate money from Atpays.

Atpays Registration Login

Atpays Registration Login

Atpays or News for a result is one of the fastest-growing news information platforms that pays all its users as they register an account on the platform.

Atpays is open and the registration process is completed easily without having any kind of difficulties. You are to provide the basic information to register for an account of Atpays and it will interest you to know that within a twinkle of an eye your registration can be completed.

You will have to use your email address to register for an account on the platform and you will also choose a username and the password for your account once you have created it, you will be activated and you can start making money from the platform.

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This post is written to also answer numerous problems and questions which users encounter in a bid to create an account.

Under a constructive analysis, we have realized that most candidates have a problem with their withdrawal method, we will attempt to show you how to withdraw your money to your account easily.

Atpays Registration Login 2020

Atpays registration Login page details have been given here and we will urge you to register for an account with the Atpays registration login page through this guide.

It pays for login in various ways and also for different other activities that you perform on the platform and you earn money for each login activities.

On the Atpays, you are paid for the following activities when you log in online

  1. Affiliate/referral Cash
  2. You get a Bonus for Atpays registration login as a new member
  3. You earn for login daily to the ATpays pay N100
  4. Members are also paid for reading a news
  5. You will earn about N100 when you post news and vital information
  6. Members are paid for sharing any sponsored post to their social media page like Facebook
  7. Unlike NNU and others, you are allowed to sell codes to people and this code is used for activation.
  8. Selling advert, you earn 50 per cent for each advert brought to the platform.
  9. You are also allowed to post your products and other items which you will sell at the mini online mart.
  10. Members are also allowed to win on the platform daily
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Summation of Earning on Atpays Registration Login

You will earn the following amount of money for the following activities performed on the page. If you login to the platform on a daily bases, you will earn N100 for the login details.

For each person which members refer to join Atpays, you will earn about N1000 that’s on a commission of 67.5% which Giftalworld does not pay such.

You are given a registration bonus once you register your account and you have activated your Atpays platform.

You earn N3 for reading every news posted on the platform and you also earn about N100 for posting a meaningful and genuine post on the platform

On a daily bases, members are given a sponsored post to share on their Facebook platform and this earns the member N200 daily.

Atpays Withdrawal Link

It should not be a difficult thing for users to access their payments and the guide below will show you how to access your withdrawal link for withdrawal and payments.

All members of this platform are paid every 25th of the months and you will cash out your money in your bank once the registration to Atpays is complete and you have earned a substantial amount of money in your wallet.

If you are an affiliate earner, you will always get your earning fast before others because of your affiliate/referral earnings.

You must apply for withdrawal and instead of searching for withdrawal link; the withdrawal link is available in your dashboard as when you log in to your Atpays login dashboard.

It is a must that you login to your dashboard before you access your payments and thus you will find the login link o your dashboard.

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Top Earners of Atpays

  1. AGBOOLA DAMILOLA – N1,005,000Abiola Moses – N,002,100
  2. Joshua Ikekhua – N486,000
  3. James Atpays – N 441,000
  4. Lukman Ayodji – N481,000

Frequently Asked Question for AtPays

How Do I earn money from Atpays?

We have given you the detailed earning systems of Atpays and with each earning method, you can earn money from Atpays and your registration can withdraw your money from any amount of money which you earn.

Unlike other platforms, which is Chipper cash registration you can earn from atpays when an advertorial comes from you to the platform

The highest-earning is through the affiliate/referral earning and for each person you refer, you get paid and you can withdraw your money twice or every 25th

Is Atpays Legit

For now, we can say that Atpays is legit as it has paid a lot of users and members of the platform. Atpays makes users earn for several actions perform on the platform and it always pays all those registered on every earn day.

You should join the platform today and start earning money for each of login comment and news which you post.

Atpays is registered with registration code of RCN3049754 and so far we have not found any fault about this system but if you do, please don’t hesitate to comment via the comment box below.

Is Atpays still news4result?

Both and is of the same company and both represent Atpays. Originally, the name is ATPays until the link was banned by Facebook because of the word pays which does not correspond to the term and condition of Facebook.

There was a need to redirect to news4result, hence Atpays is still the same as news4result just that it has two URL linking to the same link and opening same homepage.


Atpays is not a valid link on social media, but news for the result will also pop up when sharing to social media.

Conclusion on Atpays Registration Login Atpays Review

Since this news4result platform was launched, it has grown over time and has attracted members to register for this platform in and outside of the country.

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There are lots of testimonies regarding the news4result platform for users to register and own an account easily.

Our review has focused on the main thing behind News4result which is mostly known as AtPays. According to our research and the review made, we can say that this online scheme is legit and users who register for an account will get paid after the end of the months.

The problem of not being able to login to your news4result account has been solved in our post above and forum members can now login to their respective account with their password.

Please an Atpays account should be confidential to you and by no way should you reveal your login password to anyone.

If you have been looking for a genuine platform to make cool cash, then you should register now with Atpays and make money from reading news, and commenting daily.

Like flom App, Atpays became very popular during the coronavirus lockdown and when most people had looked for a passive income to make money while staying at home.

We strongly recommend this platform to anyone who wants to earn extra income with smiles without worrying about any present condition.

If you have any questions or contribution on this post on Atpays registration login Atpays review, we will appreciate your comment with your mail through the comment box below.

We will solve all your problems with ATpays when you drop a comment about it.



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