Amazing : Apple iPhone 8 Features that will Shock you

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Apple iPhone 8 Features | iPhone 7 was already out and Nigerians were rushing it like a thundering wind, being ignorant of the fact that they are dealing with technonology which could be upgraded any time.

Apple iPhone 8 Features

Apple iPhone 8 Features

Wow it is good to announce that the long awaited iPhone 8 has voiced and we have seen it. It is no news that iphone is the latest top brands for people who can enjoy a lot more from their phone with a minimum discomfort.


This enjoyment requires money and as such, iphones softwares, apps,  music are usually bought and not shared like the popular android phone.

In this article, you will see the Apple iPhone 8 Features which makes it stand out among other iphones. The iphone 8 specification described here is super amazing and such that can throw you off balance if you are not careful.

As August is fully entrenched on the calendar, rumors of the next iPhone, likely slated for September, are flying fast and free. But by now, Apple typically has battened down the design and rumors tend to gain more credibility and accuracy.

Here are five expected features for Apple’s latest iPhone 8

1.     Amping up Apple’s Retina display.

The Retina display was introduced back in 2010 on the iPhone 4 and its claim to fame was that it made images extremely crisp, rendering individual pixels invisible to the naked eye.
But since then, rivals like Samsung’s Galaxy phones have gone far beyond Apple’s Retina resolution.

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Now, rumours indicate the iPhone 8 could close much of that gap and redefine the Retina display with a resolution higher than anything Apple has done to date.

2.     Edgy overhauled front.

Apple may have inadvertently spilt the beans on the new iPhone.

Software developers did some digging around on Apple’s HomePod smart speaker and have purportedly found code representing the new design of the iPhone. (The HomePod runs iOS like the iPhone.)

If accurate, it represents a dramatic overhaul of the iPhone with an edge-to-edge display – except for a small notch at the top – and no home button.


3.     Face ID? Yes in Apple iPhone 8 Features

Though this is more iffy at the moment, Rambo also came across code that may indicate that Apple will go with face identification for the next iPhone or he described as “face authentication.

Face ID is already popular on recent Windows 10 laptops and tablets and can be as fast, or faster than fingerprint-based touch ID.

That might account for the lack of a physical home button for Touch ID. Though Apple could still come up with a “virtual” home button.

4.     Augmented Reality

Augmented reality melds virtual objects with the real world. AR is important for Apple because it’s an area where the company could potentially lead.

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Apple typically doesn’t implement new technology until it has stabilized, then improves upon it. But rumours suggest Apple could be planning big things for AR on the new iPhone that puts it ahead of the curve.

5.     Four colours plus reflective mirror option

On a more mundane front, Apple may go with a “boutique” colour option for the new high-end iPhone and a “mirror-like” reflective version, according to MacRumors.

Hope you were informed about Apple iPhone 8 Features and we believe that you will read the above features carefully before proceeding to consider Apple iPhone 8 Features. What is your take on this update? Do you have any question or contribution about Apple iPhone 8 Features Please kindly drop it at the comment box below.



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