We have compile answers to DPR past questions which will serve as a study Guide in Preparation towards The DPR test. All you have to do is that you either download below or above the various answers to DPR past questions.  The answers are available in PDF format Click any of the download link to download the full answers

The DPR Past Questions have been compiled to help give you an insight on how DPR set their questions and the format they use.

Using this Downloaded DPR Past question with our answers will give you an edge over others who are not using the past questions. DPR aptitude tests questions consist of questions from English, Mathematics, Current Affairs Questions and basic Environment /Safety / Oil and Gas.  However, we were only able to get just the Current Affairs Questions and basic Environment /Safety / Oil and Gas questions from Aptitude test DPR has conducted in a particular year in the past.

Why not download and get your copy of our answers now and start practicing!.

Download it Here



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