Akanimo Udofia Biography – Akan Udofia Age and Net worth 2021

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 Akanimo Udofia Biography – Age and Net worth 2021

Akanimo Udofia has worked so hard to build a name for himself. He has made a mark in the oil sector of the Nigerian industry.

Many of the productivity that the Nigerian oil production sector is facing today is as a result of his great attitude and devotion to his business.

Akanimo having made a name in the Nigerian oil sector now stands tall as he is in the list of the richest men in Nigeria.

He has established for himself what young men of his age cannot boast of. This young engineer has his own oil company.

He owns the DESICON Engineering limited a company set up to redeem the lost glory of the Nigerian oil sector.

Through his creativity and vast knowledge, he has effected a turnaround in the oil sector and has brought out different strategies to increase the profit that the Nigerian oil sector.

Because of this man, the Nigerian oil sector has once again been able to stand on its feet. Recent development has been because of this great man as he has come to redeem the economy of Nigeria.

Over the years, Nigeria has recorded huge losses from the oil sector. As at now, Nigeria is now waxing stronger in the oil sector as there are recent developments.

This development has been because of the new investors investing in the Nigerian oil sector. Akanimo Udofia happens to be one of these young investors.

This post will bring to light Akanimo Udofia Biography, Age and Net worth. To know who this young engineer really is, read this post intensively.


Akanimo Udofia Biography

Akanimo Udofia Biography is indeed a life story of a rare gem. One who through tough times and challenges has made his way to the top.

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Despite all the challenges one faces to make it in Nigeria, this young engineer did not give up and is now one of the richest oil engineers in Nigeria.

The biography of this young man is below.

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Akanimo Udofia Early Life

Akanimo Udofia was born on the 18th of June 1969. many know him as Akan Udofia and he is a very prominent businessman.

He is also a philanthropist who stays in Toronto in Canada. He has business projects across many fields of the Nigerian economy.

As at now, Akanimo Udofia is about 45years of age. He is one of the youngest businessmen in Nigeria.

His main field of concentration is in the area of engineering, construction, oil and gas and the maritime.

Akan Udofia is a native of Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. He is a Bachelor of Science degree holder in the field of Business Administration from the then Cross River State University when Akwa Ibom was still under Cross River which is now the University of Uyo.

Akanimo is also a graduate of the Harvard Business school and is an international businessman. He holds the position as the CEO and the Managing Director of DESICON Group.

Akanimo Udofia is also 20 years experience postgraduate holder in Business Administration and Development.

The DESICON Group he presides over helps to provide most of the information regarding engineering design and installation services used by most of the leading organisations present in the Nigerian Oil and Gas sector.

He was the business manager at vision 2000 limited between the years 1990 to 1994. During this period, he was responsible for the business development and strategic planning for the World Bank-financed project population activities fund agency.

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Akan Udofia happened to set up a consortium partnership with STOLT-BOUYGUES offshore on the Amenam project which coordinates oil and gas services contracts in Sub-Saharan Africa with a total portfolio of projects which is up to 900 million US Dollars.

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Akanimo Udofia Business Life

Akanimo Udofia is the presiding Managing Director of DESICON Engineering. As a result of his good business skills, he has set the DESICON Company to be one of the most indigenous companies which international companies in the petroleum sector in Nigeria are patronizing.

Even the managing director of ExxonMobil testified when he made mention of their partnership with SAIPEM as one of the most prominent examples.

SAIPEM happens to be the oldest international services company in Nigeria. SAIPEM have worked with DESICON for the past 10 years.

The young international entrepreneur boasted of this position he has attained with the SAIPEM industry in his statement which quotes “SAIPEM does nothing in Nigeria without partnering with us…”

SAIPEM on the other hand has a conviction that with their partnership with DESICON, they will together build the future of Nigerian companies.

Akanimo Udofia happens to be the chairman of the Vision 2000 limited and also the director of SAIPEM contracting Nigeria Ltd.

This SAIPEM contracting deals with all kinds of oil and gas services such as Drilling on/offshore, construction activities on/offshore, engineering, maintenance and other fields.

Years later he got a promotion to the position of the Board of SAIPEM Contracting Nigeria Limited.

Akan Udofia is also a philanthropist. He happened to donate a sum of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in Canada in 2012.

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This gesture gained hi an international stance. The donation was to a community in Toronto where he lives in.

After a shooting experience in Scarborough, both young black men and women were being carried in stretchers. The business tycoon seeing this gave a sum of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars for three consecutive years.

His philanthropic act has gained him so much popularity around different countries of the world.

Akanimo Udofia Net Worth on Akanimo Udofia Biography

Akanimo Udofia being an international business entrepreneur has made so much wealth and has also given out so much as a philanthropist.

The businessman net worth is not less than 1 billion US dollars. This has made him among the list of the top 20 richest men in Nigeria.

The young businessman will still make more wealth. He still aspires to explore the business arena of many other countries.

This post has all the quality details of Akanimo Udofia Biography in it. The young man is a reach business tycoon and is still willing to make more wealth.

His great exploits in the Nigerian oil and gas industry sector is so amazing. He is also partnering with the oldest international industry service in Nigeria.

Share the great life history of this great international businessman with others that they may aspire to be like him.

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