Airtel Recharge Code | How to Load Airtel Recharge Card and Get Bonus

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airtel recharge code | How to Load Airtel Recharge Card and get bonus

This piece is written to serve as a guide towards knowing airtel recharge code and the various steps towards recharging your phone as an airtel user. You can check your recharge card either by using the airtel recharge code or by using the airtel balance check online for online check.

Airtel recharge code

Airtel Recharge code

Many people have asked question like how do the check how to check net balance in airtel for which we have written this post on airtel recharge code to serve as a guide towards knowing how to check balance in airtel using the various methods for airtel dth balance check which is available in this post that we have publish

We have also provided the exact code for airtel balance enquiry whether you are checking your balance online or offline as well as the various ways to check airtel postpaid bill using your phone.  We have taken a series on different ways for which one can check his or her data balance, recharge codes as well as other key information related to airtel, Glo Mn and 9 mobile. We started by updating you on how to check mtn data balance and this proted us to write on airtel ussd codes

This post contains both paytm online recharge codes and the normal ussd airtel recharge code to help you know how to load airtel Recharge card. This information is key for all airtel users who have been asking questions on various ways to go about recharging using the airtel recharge code, and this we have done by providing you with the right information below to also have the knowledge of airtel net balance recharge .

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We had written a post on how to check airtel number which attracted the attention of numerous airtel users and thus the big question pops up on How to Load Airtel Recharge Card and airtel data. Those with airtel 4gb should also check below for how to airtel 4g balance check below.

Airtel talktime balance check

The airtel balance check no is clearly written out in this post and the various ussd codes used to carry out this airtel balance check postpaid, with the knowledge update here which is very important for you.

You may say that you already have the knowledge of airtel card recharge code,  but one question still rings in our mind which you may be amon the few persons that are still asking for a detailed information on how to recharge airtel card from scratch card.

The information you are about reading below contains a vivid post on different ways to check airtel code, not only do that but also to get adequate and the right information for you like info on how to check airtel offer of the day.

Airtel Recharge Code | How To Load Airtime On Airtel (USSD Code)

It is important to know that airtel recharge pin contains about 16-digit pin which is sometimes called the voucher. You will have to dial the recharge code before dialing the recharge pin and then you are good to go. Here is a three step process to take for a successful recharge with airtel.

  1. Go to your phone dial pad and dial the USSD recharge code which is *126*
  2. In the same succession, dial the 16 digit code and add the # pin to the last digit number of the pin for example the pin is 2468 1012 1416 1820, the recharge will look like *126* 2468 1012 1416 1820#
  3. Proceed by pressing Ok or pressing send and wait for the response
  4. You will receive a message whether the recharge has been successful or not, to also check on your recharge whether it is successful, dial *123# and wait for a response on your account balance.
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It is very simple to load your recharge card simply by using the specified airtel recharge code for your recharge. Sometimes you might be in a unconditioned place and may not find any place to purchase airtime, then you will need to have the knowledge of how to load airtime with your bank USSD code which will be our next article on the bank code series.

On the other hand, you should use this code to have a successful recharge on your airtel line.

Airtel Recharge Bonus

There are other ways you can get bonuses on your airtel line via a successful recharge on airtel, to get this bonus you will not have to use the above recharge code but a separate airtel recharge code for a successful recharge on airtel.

To get six times of what you recharge on airtel, you will have to dial a particular USSD code follow by the recharge pin and then the # pin and you will be given much more than you recharge.

How to recharge Uing this method can be seen below

  • To load or recharge your Airtel Sim and receive bonus, dial recharge PIN using the following USSD format: *555*PIN# and then Send/Ok. For example, If the airtime PIN is 1234 5678 9101 1213, include *555*1234 5678 9101 1213# and press Send or Ok.
  • If successful, you can dial *123# or dial *222#  to check account balance.
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The above mentioned steps should be taken to know how to go about the airtel recharge code and also how to recharge to get the airtel bonuses. Many airtel users wants the knowledge of this extra recharge code to have excesses bonuses on their airtel line

This post is written to gives you a vivid explanation on how to go about the airtel recharge code and how to receive bonuses on your airtel line upon every recharge. If you follow the above steps carefully you will know How to Load Airtel Recharge Card and airtel bonuses which you will enjoy on your phone.

What’s your take on this post ! Do you have any question or contribution on this post, or do you wants more information about airtel services for you, kindly drop your questions on the comment box and we will attend to them verily. is poised to provide you with update information has it happens.



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