Airtel Double Data Code 2020 | How to Activate Airtel Double Data

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Airtel Double data Code is available for all its users, the Airtel double data plan code is very easy to be activated and through this medium; you will be able to add some amazing double data to your phone.

Airtel Double Data Code 2019

Airtel Double Data Code 2020

Through this post, you will learn how to double your data on airtel and how you can easily activate the airtel double data.

On a normal basis when buying the airtel data plan, you are entitle to 1.5Gb, but the airtel double data gives you a whooping of 3Gb for N1,000 and you can enjoy it all through the months.

Instead of having to pay N1,500 for airtel 3GB, rather you will enjoy about 6Gb for just N1,500. There are also amazing packages for you to have as you will have an amazing data plan to enjoy.

How to Activate Airtel Double Data

From our post, you will get updates and other necessary information concerning Airtel Double Data Code How to qualify for airtel double data.

Like we wrote on latest free browsing Cheat, From this post, you will learn and know how to subscribe and how to migrate and enjoy several double data on airtel using the airtel double data code and through this subscription code and other codes, you will be able to migrate and enjoy two times more of the data plan enjoy.

Through several code you will subscribe and enjoy free double data and through this subscription, data is made simple.

With the right subscribe to code and by dialing the right code, you will be able to enjoy certain codes that allow you to enjoy double data.

Most people have looked for airtel double data offer *144# with the *144# code for all airtel double and at such, we will official let you know how to migrate easily and enjoy double data on all your subscription on airtel.

We understand that majority of airtel users have not known the airtel double data plan code, to use for subscription and that’s is why we will love you to check out the subscription packages for certain data plans.

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Airtel double data offer 2020 started long ago even in 2018 and many airtel users had thought that the airtel double data promo 2020 will be scrapped out as one of the code and data promo for airtel Nigeria.

It is not all the lines a that are eligible for this subscription and to opt in for airtel double data, but you will know how to check if your line is among the approved lines for airtel and by so doing if your lines is approved, you will enjoy browsing for over a month with twice more as your data.

You can either enjoy airtel double data offer for 6 months or aside from the airtel double data for 6 months, you can also enjoy speedy browsing rate for airtel and you can have to subscribe to any airtel double data with any code.

If you are in airtel aweful, you don’t need to migrate back to airtel one sim or any other airtel data to enjoy free browsing rate.

How to Check if You are Eligible for Airtel Double Data

It is however important that you note that not all registered airtel users are eligible for this offer as you can check if your line is eligible for this offer.

If you wish to have your data double, before subscribing, you will have to check for your eligibility.

Did you know?

That the double data on airtel allows to browse even at night and thus you may no longer need to do airtel Night plan subscription

To be eligible, you will receive a notification from airtel stating that you are eligible and this Notification is when you dial *496# to see the subscription modules.

Why trying to see if you are eligible, we will advise that you have less than one thousand naira on your account. If you are eligible, you will see you have insufficient balance to activate this bundle; if you are not eligible you will receive a notification stating that you are not eligible to use the airtel double data code.

You will be ask to activate the free 3Gb offer for just One thousand naira, you will receive a notification.

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By dialing *440*161# you will activate the double data plan as this is the airtel double data code. As we mentioned earlier, you will receive a message regarding your eligibility.

 Airtel double data Bonus code

The main purpose for which this article has been written is to inform you on Airtel Double Data Code to activat and get the bonus available to your airtel like.

We do advise that in other to avoid disappointment of any kind, you should migrate first to the airtel double data bundle plan and know how to get bonus data on Airtel.

This is not a post on airtel free data as free data does not exist on airtel. The Airtel free data code and cannot help you to migrate to any airtel double data bundle and thus airtel free data is just in existing but not actually free.

The different between the Airtel Double Data Code and the airtel free data code is very clear and the activation towards this Airtel device bonus will help you.

To activate this bonus you will need to dial Airtel Double Data Code to activate the bonus and this is what actually this post is all about.

The Airtel data bonus code and the airtel 2X data code is not the same. It is important that you read on how to activate the double data bundle to activate the code.

This data subscription works on both new airtel and old airtel sim cards, there is a greater possibility that Airtel double data promo does not necessary work on old sim cards and you will need to get a new line for the double data activation.

After subscribing to Best Airtel data plan 2020, you can check your balance and you will receive a double of your that on your sim card.

How to Activate Airtel Double Data Plan

To activate the airtel Data bundle you have subscribe to airtel data Plansas normal as it will be expected of you before you proceed with the activation code.

Subscription codes for all Airtel double data bundles. There are different bndles which you can subscribe to and include:

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Amount (N) Activation Code Old Data Double Data
1,000 *496# 1.5GB 3GB
1,500 *440*161# 3GB 6GB
2,000 *437# 3.5GB 7GB
4,000 *438*1# 9GB 18GB


The above subscription is for one month. Feel free to start surfing the net with your double data. Instead of using the airtel ublimited plan, you can use the double data plan.

With the above rate of data on your device, browsing is very simple and easy, you will be the envy while browsing the internet as you will have double your browsing rate.

You can check out our latest post on airtel data subscription code for more updates on airtel data plans and subscription code.

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Airtel Double Data Code For Airtel Sim

After activating the airtel data plan, you should subscribe to airtel data plan like normal for example, you should do the normal subscription of Airtel 1gb data plan and your data will be doubled for browsing.

With this Airtel Double Data Code, you will enjoy browsing at the peak and thus you will enjoy data to browse and visit social.

Among others, this is one of the recent data subscription and we can say that new Airtel data plan for browsing.

If you are using an old sim card and you cannot activate this offer, it therefore means that you should get a new airtel line as not all sim cards are eligible for this offer.

Do you have any question or contribution on this post which we have showed you on Airtel Double Data Code and the right code to activate the airtel double data code, please do ask the question at the comment box below!

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