Airtel Data Plan 2019 Subscription Codes and Data bundle

We have understood that there are numerous persons searching for the Airtel Data Plan 2019 and that is why this post will give you updated guide on how to check and how to activate numerous airtel data plans code according to the different bundle which you want

Airtel Data Plan 2019
Airtel Data Plan 2019

There numerous packages available for airtel and via this pot, we analyses fro on package to another to know which package suit you very well. You can also use this data plan to watch Fz Movies and download them

Airtel has been one of the most credible networks in Nigeria and other African countries and that is why we have written on the various airtel data plan, subscription code and bundles.

There are numerous data plans whether you are looking for airtel data plan for iphone or other airtel data plans, for other devices you can get the updated airtel data plans including the airtel 4g data plans.

This is a very comprehensive post showing you and guiding you on how you can activate various airtel monthly data plan or daily plans for you to browse nonstop.

Since a lots of persons and users have really looked for airtel data plan for android 1000, we will alo focus a bit o delivering the adequate and the correct airtel monthly data plans for android, weekly and daily data bundle for you to study and for you to enjoy data services.

You will need to know and have the knowledge of various airtel data bundle subscription code and make browsing comfortable at a speedy rate.

We have also analyzed various airtel unlimited data plan Nigeria for you to include various Airtel Data Plan 2019 codes for the year.

We understand that numerous persons wants the updated code for airtel data plan 2019 because most data plan code have stopped working on airtel and apart from having this data plan code you will also have various code which will make subscription very easy.

Airtel Data Plan for Blackberry

 On Airtel Data Plan 2019, we will also analyze airtel data pakn for blackberry which is often called airtel unlimited data plan.

One thing that makes airtel to be loved and enjoy by many is their airtel data plan for blackberry code which people have enjoyed including the data plans which work on other devices.

The airtel blackberry data plan works on other devices whether you are using android device or iphone device, you can still enjoy unlimited browsing with the blackberry plans.

How to Activate Airtel Blackberry Plans

If you have enough airtime which is upto N1500, then to subscribe to the Airtel Data Plan 2019 for blackberry is very easy.

In most cases, a lots of people have even looked for airtel bb subscription cheat for Free browsing to activate the blackberry subscription code and we have airtel blackberry subscription 1500 which you can use for one month.

Please take not that the subscription bundle does not only work on blackberry phones, but the bundle is still very active on devices such as android device etc.

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We will guide you on how to activate the airtel blackberry plans following the Airtel Data Plan 2019 and you will also know how to activate the airtel blackberry plans for android.

You cannot forget to let you know how to check airtel bb data balance as this is very important among others.

Airtel Blackberry Plan Activation Code

To activate the latest and updated blackberry for N1000, please make sure that you have confirmed your account number and you have confirmed that you have sufficient balance on you line, then proceed to activate the code.

The airtel bb subscription on android also works the same way and users also have to the same amount of data for browsing. Airtel also has in stock Airtel Night plan for Night browsing

Aside from just knowing the airtel blackberry subscription code for 1000, you will also get to the blackberry code available for the airtel subscription of N1500 subscription.

There is a blackberry plan that airtel has released for all users of blackberry and other users for just N1000 you can have 3GB

Interestingly, this blackberry data plan works on other devices too even android and iPhone and it also works on Modems.

To activate the airtel Blackberry data plan on Airtel Data Plan 2019, dial *431# and follow the prompt instructions.

It will only cost you N1,000 to activate this bundle

With the airtel unlimited data plan for 100 naira you will receive 3gb of data when you subscribe and when you activate the plan and browsing becomes very easy with the airtel plans.

So as we had written on airtel facebook plan we also have the airtel backberry plan an this plan and subscription code is very important for all airtel users

Airtel Data Plan 2019 and Airtel 100 naira subscription cheat

So has airtel has a blackberry data bundle, a lot of person feels that the airtel subscription code can be gotten juts like that through a way which they call cheat.

There is absolute no airtel data subscription cheats as all the data on airtel that functions as a cheat and by this cheat; you will have the Airtel data plans code for various devices.

After making your subscription on airtel, you can always know how to check airtel data plan to know how much is left on your subscription rate on airtel.

Airtel Data Plan for Modem

Airtel Data Plans and Subscribtion codes
Airtel Data Plans and Codes

Most times mifi works like the T.P link and most persons have assumed that airtel mifi data plan is different from mifi subscription code.

There is no special airtel wifi modem subscription code as all Airtel Data Plan 2019 that works on all devices as work on Modems and Mifi.

From this post, we will only tell you about different subscription code which also work perfectly on modem and hence we have the airtel data plan for modem 2019.

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Best airtel data plan for modem 2018 does not exist as one can even use the normally subscription of data of blackberry on the devices and by so doing ,you will be able to still use whatever subscription on your modem.

Buying airtel modems does not give you a special plan of data and users should not search or look for airtel data plans for Modems.

Airtel Data Plan for Smartphones

Depending on the data that you are using, we also have airtel data plan for smartphones that is to say data plans for Android phones.

Of course airtel has become a household name to be the best smart phone network and you will not only get to know the different subscription plan, you will know different codes to subscribe to your phones.

With the airtel data plan code for 1000 naira you will enjoy various browsing rate of 1.5gb and when you subscribe with N1500 airtel gives you about 3gb and this is often referred to as the airtel blackberry plans but it can be used as it works on different smart phones.

Via this post, there is need to update you on the latest and the most current airtel plans and its subscription code for both airtel daily and airtel monthly and airtel daily data plans.

There is also a subscription code for  airtel daily data plan to browse through your network daily and one of this network is the airtel subscription code for 200.

airtel data plan code and subscription codes are cheap and are affordable by anyone and that is to say that with a small amount of money you can enjoy even airtel 1500 data plan for android.

Airtel Bundle for N1000 For 1.5Gb

This data plan last for One months and you can dial *496# to migrate directly on this particular data plan.

You will have 1.5 GB only when you have upto N1000 on your line

The subscription Code remains *496#


Airtel Bundle for 3.5Gg for N2000

To activate this Airtel Data Plan 2019 dial *437# on your airtel line.

With just N2000 you will enjoy a browsing bundle of 3.5GB and it last for 30 days.

On you airtel line dial the activation code to subscribe


 Airtel Data Plan 2019 For 5GB for N2,500

This plan gives you a browsing bundle of 5GB for just N2,500

The code to subscribe is *437*1#

This bundle will last up to 30 days once you have use an Airtel line to activate the subscription


Airtel Data Plans of 7GB for N3500

When you have upto N3500 you can get up to 7GB on airtel

The subscription code remains *438#

This plan can last for 30 days only.

You use only airtel line  only for the Subscription

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Airtel Bundle of 9GB for N4000

It is amazing how you can get about 9GB for just N4000 only by simply dialing the code below

Ensure you recharge your line through the airtel recharge Code The activation code is *438*1# and it works for 30 days

Ensure you have upto N4000 to subscribe with *438*1#


How to Check Airtel Data Balance Via SMS

It is very easy to check Airtel data balance on your phone as a lots of people only know how thy can subscribe without knowing how to check main balance in airtel.

You can either check your airtel data bundle on the various device which you may be using even if you want to know how to check airtel data balance on iphone.

There are codes for which you will have to dial to check your data bundle and this data bundle code will help you on how to check airtel data balance on android.

It is however very easy to check your subscription balance and one of the method for which you can do is:

  • On your dial pad,
  • Dial *140# and exercise patience for a while
  • You will receive a message regarding your data and subscription balance on directly on your phone.

You can also dial *223# to check for your data balance without SMS

There are numerous Airtel Data Plan 2019 and depending on what you want you want you can do a subscription of your choice to any of the data plan. Like the MTN Transfer Data, Airtel Data can also be transferred

The airtel 2gb subscription code for android is made available in this our post and we showed you the correct activation code for the data subscription.

Lots of airtel users love cheats ad free data, but we should carefully let you know that most of this data and free MB does not last.

The most important thing to have on your phone is to receive the value of your subscription bundle.

 Airtel 750 MB for 14 Days

Most airtel users does not know that with just N500, they can get about 750 Mb which can last for two weeks for just five hundred naira you can just have to browse for free even without any form of interruption.

You can have to enjoy about or more than 750MB for just browsing the internet only.

We will update you on this  Airtel Data Plan 2019  and various other data bundle for a convenient browsing.

Do you have any question or contribution on this post on Airtel Data Plan 2019, subscription code and activation of this data bundle, please drop it at the comment box below and we will however respond to them.

Please in case any of the bundles is not working, also notify us at the comment box and we will update our post.

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