Airtel 4g Data Plans and Airtel 4g Data Sim

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After a review of different plans of airtel data plans and subscription code, there is need to write on airtel 4g data plans and that’s why we have written this post to show you the need to get airtel data plans for 4g and browse with the latest free browsing codes.

Airtel 4g Data Plans

Airtel 4g Data Plans

This post covers all the 4g network plans for airtel which you should use or which you will need. airtel 4g data plans are not really common around Nigeria and we will all review the different 4g data plan for you.

If you have not gotten the airtel data sim for 4g you should get the sim card and start browsing at the speed of light.

In the course of this post, you will also know how you can get the airtel 4g sim for the airtel browsing and thus we have given you the full review of this data plans by airtel.

You should know the right airtel plans which you can get for the airtel unlimited data plan for both airtel 4g data and 4g subscription code.

In checking out this post for airtel data plans, we have given you a full information on the right airtel data plans for different locations.

It is relevant to note that the airtel tamilnadu 4g plans and the airtel 4g data plan for Nigerians is not the same as different data plans has different subscription code for different locations.

This post shows you the right and the exact airtel internet plans for 4g network and 4g browsing and with this post, you will know the right data plan to activate to enjoy the full Airtel subscription code for different countries.

Airtel 4g Data Plans and Activation code

Some Airtel data plans are data plans that you can activate and it can last for about a week and that’s why many like subscribing to the airtel 1 week plan for 4g.

In the airtel internet pack list there are different activation code that follows different 4g data plans and even if you are using the 4g wifi dongle plans, you can also browse effectively with your phone and you can use this data plans for hotspot to others.

There are several airtel 4g hotspot manual data which you can subscribe to activate the 4g data plan.

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There are special instructions to follow to activate the airtel data plans 2019 and the activation code for different airtel 4g data plans.

And in the course of this post you will see how to activate 4g in airtel easily with some codes which you will have to dial and activate the data plans for each.

If you want to activate the airtel 4g network data plans, there are different amount of money which you can pay to activate the airtel data plan for 4g data.

There are airtel minimum postpaid plan which you should find out and know before proceeding to activate the airtel data plans.

You should know the different tariff plans for you to activate the airtel 4g data plans. For now, it has not been revealed whether the airtel 4G plans works on different tarrif plans or it works on a particular tariff plans like airtel family and friends

Do you need Airtel 4G sim for airtel 4g data plans ?

This is one important questions many airtel users have asked because of the love their particular sim. Airtel users don’t really know if they can use their old sim card with the airtel 4g plans.

To answer this question:

Regardless of the airtel sim whether you are using airtel 4g sim card or whether you are using the airtel 2g data plan, you should know that the airtel data plan for 4g can work on different sim card whether you are using the airtel 4g data plan or whether you are using the airtel 3g data plans.

Airtel different packs for 4g can still work perfectly on any airtel 3g network sim card or any old airtel lines.

However, it is usually perfect if the airtel 4g data plans is used on airtel 4g sim cards and it can be purchase at different airtel offices nationwide.

The airtel 4g data can work effectively on different sim cards and we urge you to subscribe to different airtel 4g data plans if you want to experience high speed data browsing.

Airtel 4g Unlimited Data Plan

The airtel unlimited sim can also perfectly work on any airtel sim cards which you will have to make grab.

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Upon recharge of your line, you should proceed to check on the airtel 4g data plans to know which plans suits your budget.

The airtel unlimited data plan for 4g browsing works perfectly on the different sim cards which you want to use and in most cases, you are given double data to browse the internet

Latest Airtel 4g data Plans code

With the airtel 4g data plans you can access the internet quickly and you have fast access to internet and have a good browsing network and you will  enjoy this within your area as far as you have a stable access to 4g network.

The most important thing is that with this data bundle you will enjoy all your data on 4g coverage areas and it’s a great way of preserving your data.

These are airtel 4g data plans which you can access and have a good browsing speed.

  1. 30GB for 9,999

This airtel 4g data plan works perfectly on all airtel sim card that has 4g internet connection. This data bundle last for 30 days and that is to say that you can browse on this bundle for up to 1 month.

To activate this airtel data bundle you will have to dial *141*9999# and you will be able to activate the airtel data bundle for speedy browsing. Before dialing the code, ensure you have upto N10,000 recharge and you will be charge, 9,999 from your account.

  1. 80 GB for 19,999

This particular bundle is 80 GB for 19,999 and you will have to receive this on your phone and it is very easy to activate this data bundle.

You will have to dial *141*19999# to have this data plan on your device and to access the internet.

This is 80GB data bundle and plan and this plan gives you access to the internet and browse with your 4GB line and successfully and enjoy your bundle rate with high speed of internet access.

This bundle last for 30 days that’s to say that this bundle last one month. There are other data plans, but for the airtel 4GB data plan there are basically two data plans which we have.

 How to Buy Airtel 4g data Plans

  1. Proceed to dial *141# to make purchase of any data bundle which you want to buy
  2. You can select from above the different 4g airtel data plans in this post above.
  3. In most cases, when you buy the airtel 4g data bundle from N500 and above, users usually gets a 25% bonus on your subscription
  4. Before subscribing to any data bundle, ensure that you have successfully migrated to the airtel 4G data plan.
  5. You cab also make purchase for the airtel 4G data bundle online by visiting the airtel sales website.
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How to Upgrade to Airtel 4G Sim

  • Converting your sim from 3G to 4G is not a big deal and the operation is usually successful within a short period of time.
  • You will need an I.D either national I.D card or your voter’s card to complete the migration.
  • Conversion from 3G to 4G usually takes a short time and this conversion does not change your original airtel number.
  • Please before trying to convert, ensure that you have a full coverage of airtel 4g network in Your area and subscribe to Airtel 4g data Plans balance.

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How to check Airtel 4g data Plans Balance


  1. Proceed to dial *140# on your airtel sim card and you will get an SMS on your line with the right data bundle balance.

               By USSD Code

  1. If you make any airtel 4G data bundle subscription for android or blackberry, you should dial *123*10# to check your data balance.
  2. You can also dial *223# to check your data bundle balance.
  3. Airtel has made it easy for users and you can check your data balance by visiting airtel web online

Do you have any Question or contribution on this post on Airtel 4g data Plans, please do well to drop it at the comment box below and ensure that you share this post to all!



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