21 keys to use to make Facebook simpler and smarter.

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Did you know that there are certain keys that can make your Facebook usage simpler, easier and faster?

These keys are only applicable to keyboard.

Is that not better? Yes it is!

Instead of scrolling the cursor up and down when browsing Facebook, you could simply used keys to   navigate to and fro Facebook in a more convenient manner.

Using these keyboard keys for Facebook will help you to spend a considerable number of time on facebook and you will achieve more by browsing Facebook faster. If you follow instinctively these keys and know them by your finger tips, then you will achieve more result on the social media platform- Facebook

these keys are

  1. j , k — Scroll between News Feed stories

The keyboard key can be used to quickly scan and scroll newsfeed without using the down key.

In case you want to flip again to the previous news feed, the key K can also be used to scroll newsfeed upwards without using the up arrow key on your keyboard.

Instead of scrolling through newsfeed bit by bit, the K and the J keys will help you to scroll through news feed one after the other.

        2. p — Post a new status

Incase you want to update your timeline or post a new status on facebook, you can do it more simpler by pressing the P key on your keyboard.

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Instead of  going through the punishment of going to your profile before clicking on the update status or going to the topmost of your news feed, you just click on the P on your system’s keyboard

             3. L — Like or unlike the selected story

Why are you suffering to click on the like icon when you can simply click on the letter L on your keyboard.  As you are navigating through different post and you wish to like any of them, you can simply click the L key on your keyboard and this will make you to automatically like the post.

           4. c — Comment on the selected story on facebook

In case you have just like a post by clicking on letter L and you want to drop a comment about the post.

It is very simple to do this, simply click on key C on the keyboard to comment.

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            6. s — Share the selected story

After you have liked the post, comment on it with key C and you wish to share the post to someone else who may like it. This can be done by simply clicking on Key s inorder to share the post.

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Just forget about clicking on the share icon below a post when you can do it by just a click of the key. S

         7. o — Open attachment of the selected story

Incase you want to open an attachement for any post or the story you have selected, this could be done easily by pressing Key O on your computer.

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                   8. enter — See More of the selected story

When you have selected a particular news feed and want to know more about the story, you can simply press the enter key that will make you to see more of the story.

                   9. / — Search

When navigating through Facebook, you use the / key to search through this social network. By pressing / on Facebook you go directly the search bar of which you insert whatever you wish to search for.

Search for anything can be so simple by clicking on / key.

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                       10. q — Search chat contacts on facebook

When chatting with anyone and you wish to search the contacts of the person of whom you are chatting with, you can simply make it simple by clicking on key

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Other keys for easy navigation include:


  • Shift + Alt + 0 — Help
  • ? — Show this help dialog
  • Shift + Alt + 1 — Home
  • Shift + Alt + 2 — Timeline
  • Shift + Alt + 3 — Friends
  • Shift + Alt + 4 — Inbox
  • Shift + Alt + 5 — Notifications
  • Shift + Alt + 6 — Settings
  • Shift + Alt + 7 — Activity Log
  • Shift + Alt + 8 — About
  • Shift + Alt + 9 — Terms
  • Shift + Alt + m — New Message
  • Check back for keys for Mobile facebook.



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