2020 WAEC Geography Questions and Answers 2019 | Obj and Theory Geography Questions

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We know that the 2019 Waec examination is ongoing and we thought of providing candidates with the 2019 WAEC Geography Questions and answers 2019.

WAEC Geography Questions

WAEC Geography Questions

The questions below covers the Geography waec question 2020 which will be asked in the examination and we advise that candidates read and provide answers to the questions before proceeding to the examination venue.

The Geography WAEC question and answer 2020 are exactly the 2020 Questions for Objective and theory for which will be written by students offering geography and sitting for the examination.

We have written a post to make you know how you can check the 2020 WAEC Geography Questions and answers and study the questions before the commencement of the examination.

Our Weec Government questions for 2020 which was posted had lot of readers because we helped lot of candidates with the questions even before starting the examination.

We will both provide you with the detailed 2020 waec geography questions and answers 2020 for both theory and objective questions for effective preparation before the examination starts.

We are aware that the geography examination comes up on the 24th of April and hence we update you on the nature of the questions and the leaked questions even before the commencement of the examination.

We want you to smile home after checking your Waec result of the good scores in Geography,

Yes it is possible,

The geography waec question 2020 is not just written but has tried our possible best to provide updated answers to the questions which was gotten.

The WAEC Geography Questions and answers 2020 from our post could be seen that most of the questions are actually culled from the gce past questions on geography which some questions are reflected in geography waec 2020 and answers.

The questions come both with theory and objectives not just that, you will have to make reference to your geography questions for ss1 where questions too are drawn.

Most of the questions and answers as seen in the geography waec past questions and answers pdf are questions drawn from the past questions and we urge that effective study of the past questions and answers will help.

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2020 Waec Geography Questions and Answers

We understand that before time candidates have searched for additional source to answer the tough waec questions.

For now we have not made a post on waec geography practical 2020 questions, but currently, we have made a post on WAEC Geography Questions and answers for effective studying.

You will find map reading in geography waec which is among the questions to be answers and we wants to also make reference and interprets the various maps in the question.

Like we said earlier that most questions as seen in the 2020 WAEC Geography Questions are basically from the geography waec past questions pdf especially questions asked from 2005.

The waec  Literature Questions and Answers will interest art students who also needs the questions. The study of geography past questions and answers pdf is key towards passing the geography examination.

Our questions and answers are not fake and we update in detail as of when it has been release to us. You will not only get the geography waec question and answer 2020 pdf but you will also get the correct theory questions is very important.

The geography questions and answers 2020 is complete and by keeping in touch with us, you will have the waec gce geography answer for the examination.

Our goal is to inform all candidates on the wassce geography past questions pdf for the year 2020.

When the just concluded GCE was written, we made candidates to understand and have the questions before the commencement of the examination.

waec 2020 geography questions

These 2020 WAEC Geography Questions covers all the vital areas that will be asked during the examination and that is why we have the questions handy before the examination starts.

This post is not on the waec geography practical 2020, but the 2020 WAEC Geography Questions for both Objectives and theory. We have not just written on WAEC 2020 Geography Questions, but geography question and answer 2020.

The questions as seen below are not just given, but we have given the questions with their perspective answers.

The Geography Objectives Questions and answers are basically drawn from the entire range of the waec geography syllabus.

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This was the same as seen in the biology waec syllabus 2020. The goal of making this post is to get all our readers inform on time about the WAEC Geography Questions and Answers 2020 and how to answer the questions.

While writing the answers out to the questions, we urge that you do not take the examination queston into the examination hall as you may be caught with the paper.

While answering or trying to answer the WAEC 2020 Geography Questions in your examination hall ensure that you show workings on question paper as this is one criterion for the award of good grades and high score by the examiners.

You will get the Geography examination questions early enough and start preparing for the examination which is up.

We also encourage most of our readers to look out for Waec geography questions of 2000 to 2009 as most questions are being repeated for the examination.

You will first have to write the theory questions and when you have your questions, ensure that you start right away in answering the questions.

WAEC Theory and Obj Questions and answers

You will find both theory and objective questions for the examination with their answers carefully written out.

You should ensure that you study the theory questions effectively and master the questions while you go into the examination.

The answers are carefully written and have been solved by expert who are good and who also teachers of Geography are and hence you can trust our waec geography answers for a master piece answers.

We have provided a random answers and questions to both the theory questions and answers.

N/B it is very wise that you do not take the questions and answers into the examination center in the case of being caught. Please study the questions and also try to see how you can provide your own answer to it.


2019 Waec Geography Questions and answers

2019 Waec Geography Questions and answers

2020 WAEC Geography Questions and Answers | Theory and Objectives

Here is the Geography Paper 1 Waec 2020 Expo
1. Study the map extract provided on
a scale of 1:50,000 and answer the following questions!.

  1. Reduce the map to one third its original size and state the new scale in
    representative Fraction (RF).
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On your outline, show and name of the following!
i. The settlement of KAIAMA;
ii. The main road leading from KAIAMA to the north east end of the map;
iii. River Kodoo.

Indicate its direction of flow with an arrow.

  1. Calculate the gradient of River Wabba from its source to the point where it joins River Wuruma.
  2. With evidence from the map, describe
    the functions of KAIAMA settlement.

Waec Geography Question 2
a. Describe any of the three of the following survey instruments.
i. Ranging poles.
ii. Chain.
iii. Cross staff
iv. Arrows.

Question b.
Outline the processes which is involved in carrying out chain survey.

Geography 2019 Waec Question Paper 2 Expo.
Question 6.
a. Draw a sketch map of Nigeria on the map, mark and name the following.

  1. One cattle rearing zone.
    ii. One town in the zone.
    iii. Using arrows, show the movement of cattle from the producing areas to two
    consuming markets.

Question b.
Highlight three factors that favour
cattle rearing in the area as shown in 6(a)(i) above.

Question c.
Outline three problems of cattle
rearing in the area shown in 6 (a)(i)

Geography Waec 2020 Objectives Expo.

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2019 Waec Geography OBJ expo Answers



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